About Us

We are In-Quest, a privately owned and funded enterprise of skulduggery and intelligent hilarity.


If that didn't get you interested and whet your appetite in such a way that you can't wait to find out who we really are, then keep reading, as we shall reveal all (where all, of course, refers to very little).

There are currently 7 of us in In-Quest, most important of whom could be Falkerz, the guy who does most of the administrative stuff, from managing the website and configuring game servers to arguing about the best way to organise the other members.


The contender for the number one spot in the group os the idealist behind the foundation of In-Quest, Sir RPG Knight (he's not really a Sir, we just call him that). Knight specialises in artwork, classical games and rage, with a side helping of awestruck wonderment at the complexities of setting up websites.

The other members of In-quest are Dr_Hax948, an eccentric fellow with a tendancy to know an awful lot more than you think you know about your field of expertise. Lord Of Chaos (aka SOULSTORM946) is somewhat of a Yang to Dr's Ying, in that they're both eccentric, but Lord is much more likely to use a variety of garden tools to show you how wrong you are, rather than provide a detailed lecture about just how wrong and insignificant you are.


Filling in the ranks are Kuurgon (also an Administrator, but one who sorts out other, unspeakable things) the enigmatic and purposefully opinionated character of reason, MickyMan the fun loving boy racer, and our very own musical sensation, TheShyPianist.

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All videographic content we produce can be found on our YouTube channel. We will also make imporant announcements there in conjunction with any website announcements.

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